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Walk the Line

Because straight is the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life and few there be that find it.  Matthew 7:14 KJV

I once watched a video clip of a movie about a boy who lived for God.

The rest of the boy’s immediate family also lived for the Lord. Then a tragedy occurred. As the son lay dying, he asked his parents and brother if they could hear the angels. The mother said she could, and they were beautiful.

I have heard of other instances where people ready to meet the Lord have experienced this same phenomenon. God has a beautiful place called heaven for those prepared to meet Him at death or when He comes.

After we have trusted Christ as our Savior, God wants us to grow by reading His Word, praying, going to church, and giving.

Jesus said many would not be willing to come to Him and that only a few would find the way to salvation—compared to the billions who would not. God will reward those who witness with their words and actions.

Ask God to help you walk the line.

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Darrell Waters

Darrell Waters loves Jesus and wants to please Him in all he says, thinks, and does. He is legally blind and disabled but feels that devotional writing is his calling in life. Darrell sings in the choir and also specials on a singers' list in Sunday services as well as on Wednesday nights.