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Strong Despite Persecution

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.  Psalms 46:1 NIV

I experienced a time when people tried to discourage, agitate, vex, and frustrate what I was doing.

This group did all they could to irritate and exasperate me, hoping I would lose control and then act as if I were insane. Their crazy-making behavior was manipulative, cruel, and abusive. Yet God helped me remain steadfast and strong. He was my refuge and strength—my very present help in times of trouble.

Times may come when life seems chaotic and out of control because others are trying to cause trouble and want to see us fall. In such times, we should remember that God is our refuge and strength. He helps us bear our crosses to the finish line. We must focus on the Lord and trust Him to endure stressful and difficult situations.

God is our safeguard, our pillar, our precious cornerstone of Zion. Regardless of what storms and trials we endure—or painful moments—God is with us and for us. He will not abandon or forsake us. We can trust in His protection. He will avenge us, for vengeance belongs to Him, not us.

In times of persecution, seek God’s Word and delight in Him. 

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