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Room for Me

Don’t let your hearts be troubled, Trust in God, and trust also in me.  John 14:1 NLT

After fifteen years in the medical field, who knew I would be a middle-aged woman looking for a different career.

Like many others, I wondered if what I did was enough. Could I do something different? Did I have time to act on another venture at my age? I had been what I thought was a model leader and employee—happy in my current field—until my director pulled the rug from underneath me one day. I had given so much to my employer that I had taken from myself. As the old saying goes, “Rob Peter to pay Paul.”

I worked long hours, never complained, took on tasks no one else wanted, and did it all with a smile. One day, the director complained that I had not involved her in the day-to-day details. But she had never told me how much detail she needed. I did what was required and asked questions when needed. Is were dotted, Ts were crossed, and the job was done.

Once I realized that my loyalty didn’t mean as much as I thought, it was time to move on—time to set my sight on being an entrepreneur. Being what God wanted. Although this one incident wasn’t the only one that got me moving forward, it was the one that aligned with what God had been telling me all along.

When God prepares something for us, He will bring us to it. When we trust God, we don’t have to be troubled. We can eliminate the what-ifs or how-tos. When God calls us, He will give us the vision of His promise.

Starting over is never easy, but it’s bearable when standing on God’s Word. Allow God to take the lead to His promise for you. Let Him be the foundation, despite the next phase of your journey. It does not matter what someone else is doing or who is already doing it. God always has room for one more.

Rest in knowing God will care for your every need as you follow His plan.

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Tosha Williams

Tosha Williams is a mother of three amazing children. She always lived her life based on what she thought others wanted from her until she finally realized it was time to live life according to what God wanted for her. Writing became her source of peace, happiness, and joy.