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The Meaning of True Love

We love because God first loved us.  1 John 4:19 NIV

Not everyone gets the meaning of true love.

One afternoon, while I listened to a friend whine about her husband, I got over it. She looked for problems. Any marriage is a chain of love. So, aiming to be a wise old owl, I suggested she change her complaining. Her husband had his good and bad days, as any person does.

To affirm his good days, my friend and I looked for positives. We discussed some ways she could support the man she loved. She really wanted to continue what was a good relationship—one founded on true love.

I hoped their minor niggles would soon resolve themselves and that her complaining was only a glitch in their love radar.

Christians can all wake up and thank God for loving us first. We all want peace on earth, and we can thank God our faith is alive.

Our Christianity shows us God’s steadfast love. We can show others God is real by nurturing relationships, enhancing friendships, loving pets, tending gardens, or showing kindness to strangers.

We can love because God initially loved us, and still does—feet of clay and all. With prayer, we can stop looking for problems and enhance our chain of love. God first loved us because He wanted us to be happy. That is the meaning of true love.

Have you discovered the meaning of true love?

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Julie Grenness

Julie Grenness is a former teacher and catechist who is now a writer of many online articles, mainly for baby boomers. She is also a caregiver for a geriatric and a part-time tutor and mentor of young Australians from many lands. She aims to be a woman of God and to walk humbly in the path of Jesus.