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Loving My Neighbor

"The man answered, 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind.' Also, 'Love your neighbor as you love yourself.'"  Luke 10:27 NCV

loving my neighborI have a difficult admission. I love the Lord. I am thankful for what He has done in my life, but I have not done well with loving my neighbor.

My routine entails getting groceries after work, but often I get tired and crabby. When I do, I can be unloving to the cashier who rings up my groceries or to people in line. Although there are times when I have said something unkind to a cashier, the Holy Spirit convinced me to return and apologize.
Other neighbors are my co-workers. I have not always shown concern for them. One, in particular, I didn’t get along with. Maybe I could have been kind by doing nice deeds for him. Being unkind or uncaring is not how we should act as Christians.

We need to love our neighbors as ourselves, which shows up in how we treat them. When we love and treat our neighbors well, we show them Jesus’ love. When at work, it might be doing something kind for them.

I remember one Sunday morning filling up my gas can and pausing long enough to help someone put gas in her car. Another time when I was doing my laundry, I helped an older gentleman whose wife had died. He had never done laundry before.

What are some ways you can love your neighbor?

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Ken Ebright

Ken Ebright is a former Minnesotan who lives in Belleville, Illinois. He plays a keyboard, sings in a men’s choir, and does street witnessing.