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God's Instrument

Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.  Matthew 5:42 NIV

God's InstrumentLittle did I know I would be God’s instrument.

The Georgia Music Educators Association’s Large Group Performance Evaluation was held the second week of March at Newton High School in Covington, Georgia. The Morgan County middle and high school choruses produced magnificent, intricate melodies on the auditorium’s stage with me at the piano.

After the last piece on a Thursday afternoon, I closed my music, stood, and slipped backstage behind the curtain—anxious to head home. An urgent voice out of the darkness whispered, “Accompanist! Accompanist!”

I turned to find an anxious gentleman with a single piece of music in his hand. He pleaded, “My accompanist backed out at the last minute. Would you please play for us? We perform in one hour.”

I glanced over the copy of “Lord, Thy Servants Praise Thee” by Mozart and replied, “Certainly. I’ll meet you in the auditorium.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t have my checkbook. May I mail you a check?”

“That’s not necessary,” I replied, “It will be my gift.”

The director later admitted he recognized I was the one to help them as he watched me accompany the Morgan County High Women’s Ensemble. God led him to me and me to him.

The piano is my instrument. God coats my mind and the piano’s stretched strings with tones to bless others and point them to Him.

Every time I look down at black and white keys, I confess, “Lord, I cannot do this. Please do it through me.” I don’t understand how He meticulously deposits harmonious vibrations into His creation. It’s a mystery, and He gets all the glory.

I will be willing and available to serve in God’s kingdom as God’s instrument. I hope you will too.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Macy Johnson

Macy Johnson is a native Floridian living the lake-life in Georgia. She is an instrument of God’s blessings as a writer, church pianist, community accompanist, wife, mother, nana, Bridge player, adoptee, retired auditor, and member of Word Weavers International. Her “God Sightings” are published weekly in the Greensboro Herald-Journal. Find her at www.macymjohnson.com, macymjohnson@gmail.com, and on Facebook as Macy Martin Johnson.