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Becoming God's Hands and Feet

I have become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some.  1 Corinthians 9:22 ESV

Becoming God's Hands and FeetBecoming God’s hands and feet can challenge us.

When I was in my late twenties and working for a medical equipment company, I was given an ambitious goal that entailed urging research scientists to meet an aggressive schedule for releasing documentation.

I had long lobbied for and received permission to attend a dog lab, where dogs humanely underwent surgeries to ensure that varieties of medical equipment would perform as expected upon humans.

Near the end of the operation, the doctor and his nurse were called away for an emergency. The senior research scientist tried to close the incision but got sick instead. Another scientist tried, but nearly fainted. Finally, I got the nerve to speak up.

“Several summers ago, I did control surgeries on mice for a cancer research project. I believe I can complete the operation and close the incision. Do you approve?”

They approved. I successfully sutured the incision, and the dog lived. As a result, the scientists no longer saw me as an annoying low-level planner-buyer. Instead, they now perceived me as one of them. We succeeded together when I explained the goals and offered to take the paperwork back and forth for signatures, saving them work.

We must become what is necessary for those within our sphere of influence. In some cases, we may already be that person and need only to adjust their perception of us.

As we pray, God will reveal the needs of those around us and how we can help them. Perhaps a spouse needs some extra help around the house. Maybe you know some students who would appreciate homework assistance or a listening ear. Your coworkers may lack confidence and need someone to encourage them. Or maybe a friend needs to hear the Good News that Jesus died for them, and they can become a child of God?

How can you become God’s hands and feet to other?

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Laurie Herlich

Laurie Herlich followed the Lord’s leading across the country to the promised land of Northeast Tennessee. There she writes cozy mysteries and devotions in a converted garden hut situated in her back yard.