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Have a Plan

I have stored up your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.  Psalm 119:11 ESV

have a planAn experienced camper will have a plan, but the young campers didn’t expect torrential rains to dampen their region-wide camp fest.

As the sun began to set, arriving troops set up their campsites for the weekend. A few hundred tents dotted the acreage across the university campus. The girls looked forward to testing their new skills for primitive-style camping and cooking over the open fire. Each had packed their list of necessities.

We carefully planned activities to earn badges during this experience. I’ve always been a planner by nature, but having been a Girl Scout may have helped me learn to think and plan.

During the night, the rains came—and they kept coming. Rain dripped through the tent roofs, and puddles collected in the tents. Thankfully, our sleeping bags were on plastic tarps, and we had dug trenches around the outsides of the tents to help channel water away from us. 

We can follow the example that Jesus set when confronted by Satan in the desert. Jesus was ready to act and speak. He knew the Scripture and stood firm against the devil’s three temptations. Each time Satan tempted Him to put His desires first, Christ rebuked Satan with clear responses that aligned with God’s Word.

If we plan by studying the Scriptures and applying them to our lives, we can be ready to give the correct answers, stand firm, make decisions according to God’s will, and avoid going down the wrong path.

What Bible verses can you memorize to remember when temptation comes?

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