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Helping the Laborers

If we have sown spiritual seed among you, is it too much if we reap a material harvest from you?  1 Corinthians 9:11 NIV

Helping the LaborersEveryone wants payment for their hard work and efforts. So, helping the laborers should come naturally . . . but sometimes doesn’t.

The season was dry. I had toiled constantly and tried hard to reap the fruits of what I had sown, but the harvest seemed delayed. I had sent submission after submission. One draft after another, with one door after another slammed in my face. I had to keep my head up, believing all I was doing was worth it.

Pursuing the publication of creative writing can often feel like a dead end. It entails a lot of delayed gratification and trusting God to provide as He sees fit. As I write devotions to honor the Lord and help people grow in their faith, I am tempted to believe my work goes unnoticed . . . that I won’t see any fruits at all.

Many people work hard to develop and nurture the body of Christ. They labor day and night in word, deed, and prayer—preaching the gospel and serving believers and non-believers. Yet, I am sure they sometimes become disheartened and believe their work is in vain.

Paul didn’t demand support for his work for the Lord, but he acknowledged that he and others had a right to receive payment for their service.

When we see someone skilled at their job or ministry—writing, preaching, singing, playing music, managing a website—we can consider supporting their efforts. We can donate to a website, share their content, follow them on social media, and comment on how much we appreciate their work. It means a lot, especially for those who labor in the Lord.

What can you do to help those who labor for the church?

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