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The End of the Curse

And there shall be no more curse.  Revelation 22:3 KJV

The end of the curseMy friend once underwent a work-required physical and was handed a perfect bill of health. Two months later, he began to feel weak. Not long after, he was buried. Never could I have imagined the pain that tore at my heart. I grieved. But as I grieved, I turned to my faith and reminded myself that someday I would experience the end of the curse.

The curse began in the beginning. With full warning of the consequences, Adam and Eve chose to disbelieve God and rebel. Because of that rebellion, joy became regret. Thorns ravaged the soil, and death ushered in separation and sorrow.

In my imagination, I can almost see Adam and Eve grieving over the death of Abel and still blaming each other for listening to the serpent’s lie. The curse had come, but the curse-breaker would also come.

As I grieve over the loss of my friend, I find comfort in the Word of God. I read it often to build my faith, especially the promises in Genesis and Revelation. I love reading about Jesus, the curse-breaker. Someday, there will be no more curse on the earth.

How can you still find joy even while living on a cursed earth?

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Georgette Pickell

Georgette Pickell grew up in a small town in North Dakota and has been married for forty-one years. At twenty-one, she asked Jesus to be her Savior. Since then, her life has seen its difficult moments, but through it all, the Lord has been faithful. She works part time in a long-term care facility. She is surrounded by people who have served the Lord for many years. Their steadfast faith inspires her, and she prays every day for the grace to honor her Savior and increase His Lordship in her life.