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A Gift of Bread

For my Father?s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life, and I will raise them up at the last day.?  John 6:40 NIV

(Photo courtesy of offfice.microsoft.com.)It was the third annual Christmas Breakfast. The women of Community Church were buzzing with excitement. Festive background music played. Tables were dressed with red linen, flickering golden candles, satin ribbons, beautiful ornaments, and fine China. The committee donated door prizes. Throughout the morning, a ticket number was picked. Whoever had the matching number would choose a gift from the giant basket. Oohs and ahhs came from the audience as each gift was revealed. 

Just before taking the podium, the guest speaker handed a gift bag to the hostess. With delight, the hostess announced, “The winner of this very special gift bag is ...” Martha, a committee member, popped up from her chair, smiling, and swiftly made her way to the stage. As she reached inside the bag, her countenance changed. The audience almost gasped as Martha held a loaf of bread in her hands. While the mouths of the women were still wide open, the guest speaker instructed Martha to read the card.

One loaf of bread I give to you with love, 
A reminder of the gift God gave to us from Heaven above. 
This earthly bread must be eaten fast, 
It simply was not made to last. 
Jesus said, “I am the Bread” giving life to every believer – 
One that’s sure and filled with hope, I am your redeemer. 
Partake of me and you will hunger and thirst no more, 
I will raise you on the last day to live forevermore! 

Jesus caused uproar among a crowd telling them He was the true bread from Heaven. Jesus was actually offering them something that would sustain and satisfy far beyond anything they could physically need or want. When God gave His Son Jesus to the world, He gave us light, salvation, forgiveness, healing, life, peace, fulfillment, joy, happiness, strength, hope, and comfort. 

At this Christmas season, take some time to think outside of the manger and ponder the powerful gift God gave to us in Jesus Christ our Savior. 

(Photo courtesy of office.microsoft.com.)

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Valerie Cooper

Valarie Cooper is a wife and mother with a passion for mentoring and encouraging others. Over the years, journaling has helped Valarie clearly see the work of God in her personal life and workplace.