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The Wrong Voice

His sheep follow him because they know his voice.  John 10:4b NIV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.I was confused. I had missed the turn, but I kept following the blue truck.

The signs indicated I was not where I should be, but I kept going for several miles. The dark blue truck looked like my husband’s. When it turned into a business center. I turned too.

Then I squealed. I braked. Moaning, I hung up the phone. I had followed the wrong truck. I could not believe I had done such a thing. I would never intentionally forsake my husband for someone else.

My husband and I often leave one vehicle with a daughter fifty miles away for her use when she needs a second set of wheels. My phone rang near the appropriate turn, so I didn’t notice my husband taking the correct turn. I kept pursuing a similar truck—same color, same model—leading me where I wasn’t meant to go.

Tearfully, I called my husband. I heard his compassion and concern: “Stay where you are. I’ll be right there.”

A simple diversion derailed me. How many times have I found myself in the wrong place at the wrong time because I heard another voice, followed another opinion, turned my eyes and heart away even though I knew the signs were not quite right.

But when I cry out, “Oh, my Lord, I have gone in the wrong direction,” He whispers, “Wait, I am coming.”

God knows and loves you. Listen for His whisper when you listen to the wrong voice.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Barb Suiter

Barb Suiter enjoys hearing God whisper in the events of everyday life and sharing biblical truths and principles from those moments. She does this through writing, teaching, and ministering to women in Lebanon, Tennessee, where her husband serves as Associate Pastor at Immanuel Baptist Church. As grandmother of thirteen, there are always stories and delights to share.