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Seeing Through God’s Eyes

Yet God, in his grace, freely makes us right in his sight. He did this through Christ Jesus when he freed us from the penalty for our sins.  Romans 3:24 NLT

seeing through Gods eyesThe shattered mirror behind the perfect one reminded me of seeing through God’s eyes.

In a hurry, I backed out of the garage. But not before hearing a terrible crash. I had shattered the side-view mirror, which now resembled a broken spider web. My heart sank. The following day my husband and I had planned a romantic getaway in my new automobile. Replacing my broken mirror wasn’t on the itinerary.    

I whipped out my phone and googled “Amazon mirror fix.” I discovered a low-cost, quick solution with a new mirror I could slap over the damaged one. The cover-up worked, and the damage appeared undetectable.

Sometimes, I may feel broken for my past sins, failures, and foolish choices, but thankfully, I don’t have to earn God’s grace. Instead, he freely gives it at any time I ask. God looks at imperfect humans through grace-filled eyes. And it’s all because Jesus took our sins on the cross and gave us His righteousness.

On our return trip home, I confessed to my husband about my run-in with the garage door. Immediately, he extended grace. And when we realize God has forgiven us, we experience His grace freely as well.

If we ever think we’re not good enough and focus on our mistakes or faults, we can see ourselves as God sees us: forgiven and righteous. We don’t have to hide from God as Adam and Eve did. Jesus has paid the penalty for our sins.

Do you feel you need to be good enough for God’s grace? Or that a mistake has pushed God away from you? Run to God. He is always there waiting for you with arms filled with grace.

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Susan Davis

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