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I Always Fail

I mean that you have been saved by grace through believing. You did not save yourself; it was a gift from God. It was not the result of your own efforts, so you cannot brag about it.  Ephesians 2:8-9 NCV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.It seems as if I’ve always had a proficiency at failing.

Failing started when I was in grade school. One subject I had trouble with was math. My teacher’s rule was that if you got more than three problems wrong, you had to correct them until you had them correct. The kids in school also picked on me, telling me I was a dummy. One day, my dad told me if I didn’t get better grades, I would end up as a dishwasher for the rest of my life.

Even as an adult, no matter how hard I try, it seems I am always told by my boss that I am doing something wrong. There are times when I feel people talk down to me as if I am the most ignorant person on earth.

When others tell me these things, I feel as if I am a failure. Thankfully, I realized it doesn’t matter how much I fail by the world’s standards. Jesus died for failures like me. I don’t need to pass an IQ test to earn His love because, like all others, I am saved by grace. All I had to do was ask Jesus into my heart, and I can now spend eternity with Him in heaven.

The world may not give me any grace, but the Lord Jesus does. I can laugh at my failures in this world, because in heaven it won’t matter.

If you feel like a failure, remember God makes successes from the world’s failures. Believe and receive God’s grace today.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Ken Ebright

Ken Ebright is a former Minnesotan who lives in Belleville, Illinois. He plays a keyboard, sings in a men’s choir, and does street witnessing.


  1. Thank you, Ken, for this wonderful devotion. Such a reminder that God's love is the only love that matters. It's also a great reminder that we all have failed at something in our lives yet God still loves us no matter what.