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Let Us Go - Let's Shine

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.  Matthew 5:16 NIV

(Photo courtesy of office.microsoft.com.)Light always prevails. Light reveals and discloses what’s hidden. Light illuminates, intensifies, magnifies, and penetrates. Light can lead and guide our pathway. It is very powerful and can be all-consuming.

Imagine a city-wide blackout or a community-wide electrical power outage caused by torrential rains, a tornado, or a hurricane. Such an experience can cause high levels of fear, anxiety, and sheer pandemonium. Everyone would be of the same mindset—simply longing for the light to return. Flashlights and home generators would be in full operation. Once the light was restored, it could break through any dark area. Even a flicker of light from a single candle shining in the blackness of those surroundings, would become visible and recognizable. The light would penetrate the darkness.

In a similar manner, Jesus calls us to be that light in a dark and dying world. He desires that we be His representatives here on earth. His light bearers. He wants His character to shine in us, through us, and all around us. He wants the light of His love to reach those who don’t know Him. When this happens, others will see it and will be drawn to the light residing in us and, ultimately, be drawn to Him.

Our walk with God may begin as a small flicker of light, but as the Holy Spirit fills us more and more, that light will shine brighter and brighter. The penetrating, revealing, and all-consuming light of Christ in us will dispel the darkness in others. Souls will come into the Kingdom of God, and lives will be changed forever. Jesus, the light of the world, will be glorified. Let His enabling power cause you to shine on and on. 

(Photo courtesy of office.microsoft.com.)

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Carmen Harris

Carmen Harris is an aspiring writer to the glory of God. She has submitted devotions and has a published devotion in Women At The Well - Volume II, published by Judson Press. She is an evangelist and missionary, and has taught Bible study at her local church. She is passionate about the cause of Christ. Carmen desires for God to use her writings to help encourage and impact the lives of others, leading them to a rich, ongoing relationship with God. 


  1. Thank You Carmen I've read all three and they were very inspiring. As I had said to you, I am so glad that you are part of my life I love you and may God continue to bless you. Shelly

  2. Excellent devotion, Carmen. Thanks!