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Protected by God's Sword

Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.  Ephesians 6:17 NIV

protected by Gods swordFor two hours, Abel encircled our home, holding his Bible high and claiming he was protected by God’s sword.

The sky was pitch black, allowing myriad stars to put on their dazzling display. No fireworks could compare to this night sky. Streetlights did not exist in the small African village where darkness ushered in quietness.

But one evening around midnight, that quietness was disrupted. Our night watchman alerted us to suspicious noises coming from beyond the courtyard. We also knew Abel carried no weapons, so we were concerned for his safety.

We were unsettled, so we prayed. Was it possible the odds were in Abel’s favor, even though he appeared outnumbered? He knew God was on his side, so he claimed the promise of Ephesians 6:17. The Bible was his weapon. He was not defenseless.

Abel’s faith was displayed as bright as the stars shone in the heavens that night. Then at two in the morning, he let us know the commotion had passed. All was calm once again.

The next day, we learned from eyewitnesses that armed robberies had occurred on our street that night, but God spared our home. Testimony from one of the suspects indicated how the robbers seemingly froze outside our courtyard. They saw a “wall of white” extending above our five-foot fence. We believe the angels of heaven outnumbered them in response to Abel’s prayers and faith.

As missionaries, we received years of formal training, yet Abel taught us an invaluable lesson we never forgot on that night. He took God at His Word.

The resources of heaven are always at our disposal. God’s Word is listed as an essential piece of armor that protects us against the evil one. Yet simply waving it in the air like some magic ritual is not the key. Faith is. We must know what God has specifically promised and then proclaim it, aloud if possible.

God is dependable, and the outcome of any situation will serve His purposes for our lives.

Activate the Sword of the Spirit through faith today.

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Deborah Payne

Deborah Payne is an educator in both the public and private sectors. Her passion is mentoring young believers. Deborah lives in Fort Wayne, IN, with her husband Bruce and playful cat Scooter.