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Reunion, a Place of Healing

The Spirit lifted me up and took me away. I went in bitterness and turmoil, but the LORD’s hold on me was strong.  Ezekiel 3:14 NLT

reunion a place of healingThe numbers on my digital clock showed 3:30 a.m.

After only a few hours of sleep, I wasn’t pleased. This is me almost every time I have a special event to attend the next day. It’s a trait I’d like to throw in the trash like a poorly written novel.

One event happened to be my fiftieth high school reunion. I looked forward to seeing friends, although not all my high school memories were good ones. After fifty years, you’d think I would have thrown out those unhappy pages in my history. Instead, those entire painful chapters assaulted my mind in the wee hours. Hurtful words and unkind actions tossed and turned, and my body with it. I questioned if I should attend. Did I really want to go, and why? My answer? I desired a connection with my roots, so I went.

The following day, I turned the pages of my Bible and found Ezekiel going where the Spirit took him—although Ezekiel stewed in bitterness and turmoil. The Lord’s hold on him was strong.

I doubt my emotional distress was anywhere near what Ezekiel experienced, but I liked the declaration that the Lord’s hold on him was strong. Did the Lord have His hold on me in my sleepless quandary and would take me where I needed to go? I realized God had His hold on me in the yesteryear and yesterday.

I found affirming hugs, conversations, and laughter at the reunion. We cannot change the past, but we change and discover healing when we move forward by the Spirit’s leading.

What emotional quandary are you caught in? Will you let the Spirit lead you to a place of healing?

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