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Secure in God’s Lap

Whenever I am afraid, I will put my trust in you.  Psalm 56:3 CSB

secure in Gods lapLightning pierced the sky like a knife on fire. Thunder shook the house. Tears ran down my cheeks as I called out to Grandma. My little sister and I ran to Grandma’s lap. She rocked us back and forth as she softly sang and whispered Scripture verses in our ears.

“Whenever I am afraid, I will put my trust in You,” she quoted from Scripture. “Don’t be afraid, girls. God is just watering all the beautiful trees and flowers. So let’s sing praises to Him and thank Him.”

As she sang “Jesus Loves Me,” our fear melted away. No one calmed our fears like Grandma. But why were we so insecure?

In 1956, the authorities rescued us from an abusive home. We dealt with extreme anxiety, abandonment issues, and many other things we didn’t understand. We were only three and five at the time of our adoption, and the memories of our older sister and brother were fading. But years later, all four of us were reunited.

I have no doubt God hand-selected our new family, complete with this wonderful Grandma who introduced me to Him. This woman offered me unconditional love. When I looked deep into her eyes, I knew I belonged. Her face glowed with God’s love.

Through her love, I learned God is Sovereign and has a better plan for my life than anything I could imagine. He wanted me to find her. Grandma’s unconditional love and forgiveness taught me how to love God and forgive others.

I still catch myself beginning to panic when storms come into my life. My insecurities still haunt me. But then I remember what Grandma used to tell me, and I find a way to get alone with God to pray and read His Word.

The wisdom and insight I learned while sitting on Grandma’s lap carried me through my teen years and into adulthood. I now pass those on to my grandchildren, hoping they will help guide generations to come.

What memories are you leaving for your children and grandchildren that will help them be secure in God’s lap?

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Linda Summerford

Linda Summerford is an alumni of Coker University in Hartsville, SC, where she majored in English. She served on a foster care review board for several years where she realized the urgent need for foster care and adoption reforms. Linda also works with her husband in the ministry of Next Generation Impact, working with churches to rebuild their congregations. Linda’s book, The Glider, is based on a true story and is currently being considered for publication by a number of Christian publishers. Linda and her husband, Richard, have two daughters and five grandchildren. They live in the mountains of western North Carolina. You can connect with Linda at www.authorlindasummerford.com.