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God Doesn't Wear Earplugs

Blessed be God, who has not rejected my prayer, or removed his steadfast love from me.  Psalm 66:20 NRSV

God doesn't wear earplugsMy father worked as a lifeguard for a local pool when he was in college.

He spent his days getting roasted by the hot July sun, making enough money to spend at the drive-in on the weekends. Part of his job was ensuring he was healthy enough to come to work daily. Since he was prone to ear infections, he wore earplugs to fight off swimmer’s ear.

What began as something with good intentions later harmed him when he lost hearing in one of his ears. He went to multiple audiologists and specialists, but they could find nothing wrong. He resigned to live his life with partial hearing until one day when he had a routine checkup. One-half of an old ear plug came out of his ear. What he thought would be a lifelong battle with hearing loss was remedied easily, even though it happened much later than he would have liked.

God is not deaf to our cries. Nor does He punish us by taking away His love when we struggle or think things should go differently. We may face situations that make us believe God has earplugs—He seems not to hear, answer, or care—but that is not reality. Perhaps we have our spiritual ears blocked instead.

Our prayers are a part of how we worship and bless the Lord. God formed us for a relationship with Him, and prayer is one of the best ways to strengthen that relationship.

How can you be reassured that God is not wearing earplugs but hears your prayers?  

(photo courtesy of pixabay.com.)

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Hannah Ratcliff

Hannah Ratliff is a wife, seminary student, and advocate for accessibility in churches. She spends her days teaching students with disabilities, writing, and serving her church. She lives in Kentucky with her husband Jacob and two dogs, Stella and Daisy.