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Boots on the Ground

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.  Galatians 6:2 NIV

boots on the groundTensions escalated across the globe, sparking fear the Middle East might erupt into a wide-scale war. The news networks debated the United States’ role in the escalating crisis. Would we intervene with drones from a distance or commit to a ground campaign with boots on the ground?

Battles are messy and not always well-defined. Sometimes, life feels like a war zone with walking wounded who feel isolated, shell-shocked, and scarred. Our conflicts may be physical, emotional, or financial. Perhaps a loved one struggles with rage or an addiction. An illness may sap our strength and resources. Denial or discouragement can become obstacles to healthy living. Chances are, we’re engaged on multiple fronts and battle weary

In the Psalms, David recounts how God lifted him out of a pit, put him on solid ground, and steadied him. No matter how deep, God can lift us out of any pit or foxhole. But sometimes He enlists others to help us by letting them put their boots on the ground.

Christ encourages us to leave the sidelines and take up arms for one another—bear each other's burdens. Together, we advance and defend God’s truth, energize and strengthen each other, and face our challenges. United, we prayerfully combat enemy strongholds that threaten to steal or destroy our faith. Reinforcements renew our hope as we pray and wait together. If worry or fear captures us, we can define a strategy built upon God’s Word.

We fulfill the law of Christ by bringing the Good News into the foxholes of life. As one, we wage war on fear, doubt, and loneliness. We fight for the life Christ died to give to us, and we are stronger together.

How can you better put your boots on the ground, knowing God has the victory? 

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Jann Mills

Jann Mills is an emerging writer who lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. She enjoys writing devotionals and short stories about experiencing God in everyday life. When she’s not writing, you will find her walking the beach or gardening on her patio. She is the proud grandmother of three awesome grandchildren: Ava, Miles, and Max.