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A Lit Lamp

So Aaron . . . set up the seven lamps so they reflected their light forward, just as the Lord had commanded Moses.  Numbers 8:3 NLT

a lit lampA lit lamp beats an unlit one any day.

I love fall. I relish the leaves dancing in the air as I drive down a quiet road. The sights remind me we’ll soon embark on a new season—the old has passed. But I don’t enjoy the shorter daylight hours. Darkness affects my vision and causes me to curb outings.

Aaron was Moses’ brother and a Levitical priest. Moses instructed Aaron to set up seven lamps so their light could shine forward. Aaron obeyed.

This light had a purpose: to provide light where none existed. The light symbolized God’s presence among His people. Aaron placed the lamps so that each gave light for others to see. God had set His people apart to shine into the darkness of their world.

Similarly, Jesus tells us to let our lights shine so others can see our good works and glorify the Father in heaven. Although we can hide our lights, we shouldn’t. God wants us to shine them precisely where He has placed us. When we don’t, we fail to serve His purposes for us.

What are some ways you can shine God’s light?

(photo courtesy of pixabay.com.)

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Nydia DiCarali

Nydia DiCarali resides in New York with her husband of twenty-two years and is the mother of two teenagers. A Christian for more than twenty-four years, Nydia teaches women’s Bible studies and has coordinated retreats and conferences to further encourage others to continue to walk by faith. She believes that when we allow ourselves to be governed by God’s Word we can live as more than conquerors.