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Eternity's Values

What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?  Mark 8:36 NIV

eternity's valuesWhat I thought was heavier wasn’t.

Sitting in the class for elementary school principals, I listened to the facilitator direct us to predict which item in front of us was the heaviest. We took the picture cutouts of the objects and ranked them from lightest to heaviest. Finally, we glued our choices to the yellow construction paper. This way, we couldn’t manipulate our answers if they were incorrect.

In the next part of the scientific investigation, we checked our predictions. We weighed each object and compared it with the other items until we determined an outcome. I learned that using my sight was insufficient to determine an item’s weight. I needed an impartial instrument, a scale.

The experiment reminded me of life’s choices. Daily, I must consider my words and actions. God asks me to look at eternity and decide if my choice weighs more than my soul. Have I measured my choice against God’s Word?

The experiment taught me that using only my eyes can fool me. I needed an unbiased measure to determine actual weight. So, in light of eternity, I’ve decided to use the accurate measurement in the Bible when making choices that affect my soul.

What measurements are you using to determine eternity’s values? 

(photo courtesy of pixabay.com.)

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Patricia Newton

Patricia Newton is amazed at the universe God created. She loves to read historical and scientific topics and make connections between the Bible, science, history, and literature, seeing how they intersect in her understanding of the world. She believes there will never be enough time to indulge her thirst for knowledge. Patricia is an unashamed follower of Jesus Christ and believes the Bible has the answer for all that's out of kilter in our present world. She is a member of a big family and has a passel of children of her own. She has earned a B.A. in history, a Masters of Education, and a Bible school diploma.