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Missed Expectations

He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.  Isaiah 53:2 NIV

missed expectationsHe’s not my type.

How often had I said that as a single adult? He’s too tall. He’s too short. He isn’t into sports. My list of criteria for a spouse was specific, and it seemed difficult to keep an open mind if a person’s attributes deviated from the list. Someone, a Christian of course, on the order of the Ken and Barbie doll fame would do.

Needless to say, expectations can be a bit unrealistic at times.

Enter the Son of God. Jesus was easy to overlook. In fact, many of the religious leaders and Jewish people did overlook Him. He couldn’t possibly be the One they waited for because He didn’t fit their criteria.

Jesus came as a baby, not a stately figure within the current ranks. His plan involved a band of twelve ordinary men, not the religious council. He succumbed to death on a cross, not exactly a military hero. This couldn’t be the anticipated deliverer or Messiah.

I understand all too well what it’s like to hold to missed expectations as I anticipated meeting my spouse. I had a game plan. First, I thought I would find my husband at a Christian college. Not there, but God did engage me in a new understanding of the whole body of Christ. Next, I figured I would meet the “one” in seminary. However, the intrigue of intellectual stimulation did not materialize into a Mrs. Degree. Not to worry. I certainly would meet my soul mate on the mission field. Instead, it was the African people who stole my heart.

I eventually opened my eyes to a man I had met twenty-five years earlier at a local church event. Much like the religious leaders of Jesus’ day, I had misplaced my expectations. I kept looking ahead and missing what was right in front of me. We have now been married for eleven years.

The hymn “Open My Eyes” sets the right mindset for believers. The first verse challenges us to see the glimpses of truth God has for us. The anticipated One has come. We can stop overlooking Him and discover Him in all His glory in the inspired words of Scripture.

How can you do a better job of establishing your expectations? 

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Deborah Payne

Deborah Payne is an educator in both the public and private sectors. Her passion is mentoring young believers. Deborah lives in Fort Wayne, IN, with her husband Bruce and playful cat Scooter.