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To Scribble or Not to Scribble

Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.  Psalm 119:105 NLT

to scribble or not to scribbleTo scribble or not to scribble challenges me.

Underlining in colored pencils and pens, illustrations drawn in the margins, random notations of dates and thoughts. I admire those things in other people’s Bibles. Mine? Not so much.

Invariably when I underline a verse or passage, the line goes crooked, even when I use a straight-edged guide. It seems as if an invisible pest jogs the ruler, and I cross out a word instead of underlining it. The ink smears, the pencil tip breaks—leaving a smudge—the date is inaccurate, or the noted thoughts are incoherent, illegible, or too long. It looks like messy scribbling to me. And the next time I read the marked-up passage, I’m distracted from the content of the Scripture.

Even with Bibles with illustrations meant for the user to color, my mind gets waylaid by deciding what colors to choose. And don’t get me started on Bible studies requiring the reader to mark this word with red and a special symbol and another word with blue and a different character. This makes me want to throw pencils like darts at the ceiling.

Many people benefit from such activities, and since it helps them stay in God’s Word, it’s all good. I have an inkling, though, that a few like me exist. I aim to encourage us all to keep the main thing the main thing.

Getting God’s Word inside our minds and hearts is what we’re after. Sometimes, the answer is to keep it simple and select an illustrated children’s Bible story book. Or perhaps listen to an audio version. Some verses or passages have significant meanings for us. I keep a journal where I jot down thoughts that come to mind, becoming topics I discuss with God.

Whatever method we follow to meet with Jesus, learn more about Him, and know Him personally through His Word, we will not go wrong. Reading some of it every day will keep the light illuminating our pathway.

What are some ways that will draw you closer to God? 

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Anita van der Elst

Anita van der Elst finds joy in creating with words, believing God gifted her with the desire to do so. Married to her best friend, Edward, since 1976, she is a proud mom of four adult children and Oma to two of the most delightful grandchildren ever. Other joys in her life include bringing beauty to Facebook through photos she takes on her iPhone, facilitating a small women’s group at church, and mentoring a few friends who also desire to write.