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Reach for Unity

I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.  John 8:12 NIV

reach for unityA young girl named Mary had a small challenge with her parents.They always told her what to do and never let her make her own decisions.

Mary felt frustrated and didn’t know what to do. One day, she remembered something her Sunday school teacher had told her about how everyone is important and has a purpose. She realized her parents only wanted to guide her and help her make good choices. But she also had her own voice and ideas that were valuable.

Using this idea, Mary sat and talked with her parents about how she felt and what she wanted. She explained that she understood their guidance but also wanted to have a say in her own life.

Surprisingly, her parents listened and were open to her ideas. They came to a compromise and found a way for Mary to have more independence while still receiving their guidance.

Valuing everyone’s ideas and finding compromise is like what John records about Jesus being the light of the world. He also came to bring unity and understanding to all people.

Everyone can believe in Jesus and receive His light, but not everyone chooses to. However, we should value everyone’s ideas and work toward unity and compromise.

How can you be a light to others and bring unity?

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Andrew Scribner

Andrew has lived in the Philippines for twenty-two years and pastors a church in Dumaguete City. He loves to spend time with family and friends. He contributes regularly on different Christian publications and is also found on the YouTube channel, “American Christian in Philippines.”