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On Solid Ground

Truly He is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress; I will never be shaken.  Psalm 62:6 NIV

on solid groundThe sunlight peering through my window awakened me. A bright and sunny day always makes me smile.

However, some seasons in life feel as if a dark cloud hovers overhead, casting a shadow on the brightest of days. Falling into a depressed state of mind is easy because of the burdens we carry—such as financial difficulties, the weariness from years of pain from an undiagnosed health issue, an unfulfilling job, estranged relationships, marital problems, or prayers that remain unanswered. These and other concerns can make us feel as if we are standing on shaky ground.

I thought of the words found in a popular hymn: “On Christ, the solid rock, I stand.” We can rely on Jesus Christ to be our firm foundation, and we will not be shaken. He is our solid ground, rock, refuge, and rescuer in time of need. We can depend on Him to be our anchor. He will hold us securely when the storms of life seem difficult to withstand. We can trust Him to carry us when we don’t think we can face another day.

Life is filled with uncertainties, but be encouraged. Jesus Christ is greater than any problem, circumstance, or situation. When issues seem too much to bear, we can pray, praise, and give thanks. God is always there and promises never to leave us. Keep the faith, and look for the glimmer of light, brighter days, and footing on solid ground.

Whom will you call when you feel as if you are standing on shaky ground?

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Felicia Dawson

Felicia is a native of Richmond, Virginia, and has authored There Is a Church on Every Corner, So Why Isn’t Everyone Saved? She believes God can use ordinary people to do extraordinary things to help lead others to Christ and build His kingdom on earth.