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What Would You Have Said?

"I am the Lord’s servant," Mary answered. "May your word to me be fulfilled." Then the angel left her.  Luke 1:38 NIV

what would you have saidPut yourself in Mary’s shoes for a moment.

The angel’s appearance happened during a time when people only knew from hearing the stories of old that God would someday send a Savior. It was the hope they clung to for their redemption. They lived their lives, worked the land, raised families, and held to the traditions of the ancients. Some continued to honor the holiness of God; some didn’t. Others gave up hope because the promise was an old one. No prophet, great signs, or wonders from the heavens had appeared in four hundred years. Generations of families had come and gone.

Suddenly, an angel appeared to Mary with the news. Consider how she must have felt—young, a virgin, and betrothed to a man chosen for her. She did not want to shame her family or her promised husband. Her life was on the line. How easily she could’ve said, “No. Not me. Find someone else!”

What would you have said? 

Mary didn’t ask why God chose her. She did ask how this could happen since she was a virgin. Upon hearing the messenger’s answer, she simply said, “Okay.” Because of her answer, God made a way to save us. Could God have done this some other way or used someone else? Yes. He’s God. But this is the way He chose. Mary bowed in reverence to His plan.

God is not looking to birth another child to save the world, but He is looking for hearts willing to share the gospel. What if we believed and trusted like Mary? Would we take that step of faith and do what God asked without asking Him all the questions? Would we say okay and ask Him to show us what to do? 

We don’t know whose life our obedience will impact or whose faith it will strengthen. Nor do we know who will come to know our Savior because we completely trusted God. 

What is one way God is asking you to minister? Are you willing?

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