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Just a Voice

Who are you?...What do you say about yourself?  John 1:22 NIV

(Photo courtesy of office.microsoft.com.)I recently attended a “Celebration of Life” service for a dear brother who passed away after a lengthy illness. Nearly 600 people filled the church for the memorial service of the former music director. Had everyone been allowed three minutes to say a few words about him, the service would have taken over thirty hours to complete.

We knew how outgoing James was, but the magnitude of his ministry unfolded the day of the service. James reached out to almost everyone he encountered. The words shared at the service about him were remarkable. James was not just a music director, he was a man who took advantage of opportunities to meet, pray, serve, and better acquaint himself with those around him. Family, friends, acquaintances, business owners, white-collar, blue-collar, retired, unemployed … all whose lives he touched, were present. I never attended a memorial service like that before. It was inspiring to witness how God gave a great calling to someone so humble.

John the Baptist was called to prepare the way for Jesus by preaching repentance, forgiveness, and salvation to the people. John, when questioned, truthfully told the leaders he was not the Messiah. He did not embellish the importance of his position or make up some fancy title. Instead, he remained humble. He referred to himself as “a voice” in the wilderness, and then he redirected the focus back to Jesus. He remained the servant and gave the glory to the one who
deserved the praise.

We all have a calling from God. It may be behind the scenes—less than noticeable—but it is of great importance to God. If you sense God is leading you to do something small like speak to someone who is alone, or to call a friend and pray with them, do it. Your actions may have a far-reaching impact. Be a servant. Take the step to action and then allow the glory to shine on God. 

(Photo courtesy of office.microsoft.com.)

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Valerie Cooper

Valarie Cooper is a wife and mother with a passion for mentoring and encouraging others. Over the years, journaling has helped Valarie clearly see the work of God in her personal life and workplace.