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The Phone Call

He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he did not open his mouth.  Isaiah 53:7a NIV

the phone call“I need you to call me back as soon as possible.”

I listened again to the voice message from the young woman at the storage facility. Two days earlier when I had rented a truck from her, her speech had vacillated between clipped tones and easy vernacular as we discussed business. But her voice message was curt. I dialed her number, wondering if I had left something behind during the move.

“There is damage to the front right bumper,” she said. “I have video showing it was not damaged when you took it.”

I scurried to defend myself, stumbling over my words and explaining I had driven and parked the truck carefully. She had even complimented my backing skills as I backed the truck into a space when I returned it. Maybe someone hit it while it was parked on the street during loading. I explained my way through a three-minute conversation, which ended with her saying she would get back to me soon with a quote.

Not long after hanging up, I realized I had said too much. In my effort to be kind and truthful, I accepted her unkind words as accurate. Immediately, Isaiah 53:7 came to mind. When Jesus was wrongfully accused, “He opened not his mouth.”

Have you ever been accused of something you did not do? Who knows more how that feels than Jesus? When the accusations flew, He remained quiet. He did not react to human demands. Whenever He answered, He did so truthfully and obeyed God’s will. Even knowing He would suffer a terrible death, He waited on and trusted His Father.

Harsh words can rattle us, especially when they are unexpected and unfounded. Our pride is the first to react as we rush to self-preserve. It is okay, and usually better, not to respond right away. 

Next time someone falsely accuses you, check to see if your response is not a reaction. Say a quiet prayer, take a deep breath, and remember it’s okay not to respond if that is God’s will.

How do you typically react when falsely accused? How is your reaction different than Jesus’?

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Aimee Haessly

Aimee Haessly is a former actress who was saved by Christ in her late forties. A graduate student in biblical studies at Southern Evangelical Seminary, she is applying her education to writing and public speaking for the glory of the Lord. Aimee has one adult son and lives in Charlotte with her husband, Steve, and their spoiled miniature poodle.