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Uplifting Speech

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked.  Galatians 6:7 NIV

uplifting speechI was startled to discover a children’s clothing line in my store called OMG. As I put the colorful socks on the shelf, I pondered what I had seen and heard recently.

The depravity of language that abounds in Western societies today must appall God. Here He is, the Creator of our magnificent universe and designer of our remarkable, intelligent cells, yet we mock him. OMG (“O my God”) has become a glib slight on God’s name, a common text comment, and now even a clothing line designed to poke fun, not to call on the Almighty.

Paul warned us in his letter to the Galatians that God cannot be mocked and that we will reap what we sow. Someday, we will give an account to God for our careless words. So, these warnings redirect me toward a gentle discipline of heart and words.

What a beautiful gift we have, the living Spirit of Christ indwelling us, always ready to inspire our speech. Let’s tuck our hands firmly into Jesus’ hands and walk with Him, seeking to please Him rather than to conform to others.

I’ve noticed that mockery walks with fault-finding. Under God’s guidance, I’m learning to respond to mocking complaints with reflections of thanksgiving, to dark language with comfort and good listening, and to anger with forgiveness. I think of how Jesus tamed wild, abusive spirits with His words, and I invite Him to teach me to be His ambassador here similarly.

Let’s cultivate speech that brings light and offers new mindsets to those who have slid into foul waters with their mouths. Our words are powerful seeds sown into the minds and hearts of others.

What are some steps you can take to develop more uplifting speech?

(photo courtesy of pixabay and Ryan McGuire)

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Kim Robinson

Kim Robinson is a former schoolteacher who has taught in rural and central Oregon, Alaska, and with Mercy Ships in Africa. She currently lives in Salem, Oregon, where she is delighted to serve the Lord as a mom, grandma, writer, copy editor, and encourager of others.