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Get Ready

And my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done to you.  John 15:7 NIV

get readyAs I shared coffee with a friend, I listened to her litany of complaints. I tried to advise her to avoid conflicts, but she went on her way. It is difficult to change people who seem to trip up trouble in their relationships and workplace.

All I could say to her was for her to pray to receive God’s benefits. After my friend went home, I found the above verse. It made sense. We must all prepare for God’s benefits, which can appear anytime and in any shape or form.

I lit a candle and appreciated the peace as the sun set over my garden. As Christians, we can find positive inner peace through prayer. This is a deeper form of communication with our Lord. Listening to others’ conflicts can be a glitch in our feel-goods, but this is a part of supportive friendships.

As Christians, we can make time to unstress, practice peace, pray for the well-being of our family and friends, and avoid conflict. We all must pace ourselves and slow down to appreciate God’s benefits. The blessings of our Lord Jesus will make us joyous.

Sometimes, God calls us to be warriors for our faith and to stand up for our beliefs as Jesus did. Even then, we can advance our prayers and hope for a better understanding of everyone around us.

How can you do a better job of getting ready for God’s benefits?

(photo courtesy of pixabay and RyanMcGuire)

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Julie Grenness

Julie Grenness is a former teacher and catechist who is now a writer of many online articles, mainly for baby boomers. She is also a caregiver for a geriatric and a part-time tutor and mentor of young Australians from many lands. She aims to be a woman of God and to walk humbly in the path of Jesus.