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The Handyman

Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?  Jeremiah 32:27 KJV

the handymanI once knew a handyman.

He could do almost anything. When the pipes burst, he was there. We clogged a drain, and he arrived again. He could mix the cement, fix every piece of furniture, and anything else we needed.

This all-rounder reminded me of God. The Scripture, “Is there anything too hard for me?” popped into my head. Jesus is a handyman, and He can fix anything. At times, we limit God. Before we ask Him, we have concluded that He can’t solve our dilemma. Our prayer goes something like the following: “Oh, God, help me! I wrote virtually nothing in my exams, I don’t want to fail, and I want to ace this course.”

But can God enter our script and give us an A?

Then we pray, “God, just anything, as long as I do not fail. Even a D would suffice.”

Such thoughts bring doubt and make us forget Jesus is the handyman. When this happens, we define God by what we believe He can’t do, not what He can do. We may trust God to cure a headache because it comes and goes. This seems possible. But what about things we understand? We think we know and understand more than God.

We need absolute belief—unshaken, unwavering, and firm. We should mimic a little child’s faith. They always believe. Although answers may not come when or how we want, we must remember God’s ways are not ours.

I have a funny picture in my mind of Christ putting on a mechanic’s attire with a doctor’s lab coat over it. His belt is a tool pouch containing unimaginable instruments of miracles. In His hands are a stethoscope and a saw. This is not the picture of a madman but a handyman. Jesus.

If you doubt Jesus’ abilities, put aside every weight of unbelief and picture Him as a handyman who can do absolutely anything.


(Photo courtesy of pixabay and Bru-nO.)

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John Oguntoyinbo

John is a reader, speaker, and writer, who is based in Nigeria, where he majors in English. He is the author of Letter to Santa.