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The Weight of Honesty

The lips of a king speak as an oracle, and his mouth does not betray justice.  Proverbs 16:10 NIV

the weight of honestyOnce, a mighty king sought the employment of a great warrior to aid him in the battles for his kingdom.

The king knew the whereabouts of the warrior's missing sister and knew the warrior wanted to rescue her. So, the king brought the warrior into his royal court. After some discussion, the two made an agreement. The warrior would fill the request of whatever the king would ask. In return, the king would give the warrior the information he desired.

The king continually sent the warrior out to do his dirty work, but covertly sent spies to sabotage the warrior’s effort so that he would never completely fulfill the task. After some time, the warrior became suspicious because he had never had a problem like this in the past.

On one particular attempt, the warrior caught the king's saboteurs and forced them to tell the truth. The king had the man’s sister the entire time. He used the warrior as his pawn. Filled with rage, the warrior dethroned the treacherous king, released his sister from the royal dungeon, and established his authority as ruler over the land.

The Lord hates differing weights and differing measures. And how we use our words matters to Him. Scripture has a theme that the Lord has a higher standard for those who lead in religious and secular positions. Additionally, the punishment for their sins is much greater.

God expects much more from those who lead His flock. He wants us to lead by example. Leaders must also show impartiality, judge fairly, and honor the Lord with their words.

Do your best to ensure your words and deeds are honest. Seek out the word of the Lord, and delight yourselves in Him.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay and Peggy_Marco.)

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