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Lens Wipes for the Heart

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; His love endures forever.  1 Chronicles 16:34 NIV

lens wipes for the heartBefore turning on the coffee pot every morning, I stumble into the restroom.

There, a package of lens wipes for glasses sits on the vanity. They remind me to clean my glasses thoroughly.

The oils of my skin and the raindrops and mist from the Seattle weather smudge my lenses. Then I can’t see through the perfect, clear glass. My vision clouds like the Pacific Northwest sky, creating a smudgy film. Everything appears dark and dreary—especially when gloom saturates the sky and pours into my soul.

But when I notice the lens wipes, my mind sometimes shifts to another lens: the lens of my heart. Then I ask myself, Are you looking through smudgy lenses of fear, self-pity, or comparison? Or are you seeing how truly blessed you are?

Suddenly, my thoughts turn back to the truth. Over 75 percent of the world lives on less than two dollars daily. Mothers and fathers watch their children die a slow death because they lack clean water. They struggle to find a few bites to offer their little ones. They would do anything to eat even one small bite of the chicken I’ve eaten for the past two days.

As I ponder these profound realities, I’m reminded to clean my glasses—not only on my head but also on my heart. Am I choosing to look through the glasses of gratitude or letting my circumstances smudge my attitude?

Just as I wouldn’t think of leaving the house without brushing my teeth or applying deodorant, I try to remember to sanitize my heart lens daily—sometimes several times.

Remember to choose the gift of gratitude and remember how blessed you are.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay and DariuszSankowski.)

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