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The Cancer Walk

I can do all this through him who gives me strength.  Philippians 4:13 NIV

the cancer walkI walked the cancer walk.

My hair would fall out. The nurse said it would happen soon after the chemo treatments started. I wondered if I would have a perfect round head or a dented and gnarly one. It didn’t matter what I thought; it would happen soon. The experts suggested I shave my head. This would be less traumatic.

I made my appointment at the wig store. When I walked through the rows of different-colored long hair and short, spiky hairstyles, I realized this could be an opportunity. Perhaps I could re-live my teenage days with waist-long hair. Probably not. Maybe my husband would prefer a temporary blonde? Probably not. I tried on every wig that looked of interest. My husband and I laughed at the results that most provided.

Finally, I settled for one much like my hair but nicer in color and thickness. The next step was slipping behind a privacy curtain and shaving my head. My husband video-recorded it at my request. I wanted to share this journey with those around me.

I did what Paul said all believers could. I was not letting fear get in my way. My head was carefully and gently shaved. The wig was fitted, and I entered the world with confidence that this journey was not the final one—just another one I would walk with Christ.

My stage-four cancer came and went. The journey lasted less than a year. But my journey with Christ was strengthened for a lifetime.

Later, I had the opportunity to give a living testimony to other stage-four cancer patients. I told them about the storm. That it had a beginning and an end. Jesus was there through it all.

We can pray to the Father and ask Him to walk with us, strengthening us to do everything.

What steps can you take when you feel your strength has failed?

(Photo courtesy of pixabay and jplenio.)

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Lori Layne

Lori Layne is a caregiver for her ninety-three-year-old father. She is married and has six adult children and eleven grandchildren. She lives in West Michigan with her husband, Tim, and German Shepherd, Shadow. She loves to express herself and the grace of God in her writing. Lori is a writer, pilot, missionary, cancer survivor, and best of all, a child of God.