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The Cover Up

He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.  Proverbs 28: 13 KJV

the cover upWe make coverings for just about everything. But there has never been nor ever will be a covering that can hide sin. Yet we try.

Nothing is hidden from God. He sees in our hearts and knows us better than we know ourselves. So, if we can’t cover our sin and hide it from God, why do we try to hide it from Him and others?

Achan (Joshua 7), King David (2 Samuel 11, 12), and Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5) all sinned and tried to hide their sins from others, but God saw their sins and exposed them.

Whenever we sin, our immediate response should be to confess it before God. Then we should forsake the sin and receive God’s mercy and forgiveness. If we ignore, excuse it, or pretend it never happened, we’re trying to cover our sins and are not being open, honest, and sincere in our relationship with God.

As long as we put sin under a cap and cover it, God will not prosper us in His way.

Although King David tried to cover his sin, he couldn’t hide it from his conscience. He said, “My sin is ever before me” (Psalm 51: 3). Our consciences acknowledge our sins too.

Just because a sin is seemingly covered or ignored doesn’t negate sin’s power to rob us of peace and fellowship with God. Nor does it negate sin’s consequences.

The sins we often attempt to cover are pet sins that easily entangle us and hinder us from running the Christian race and winning the prize.

When we confess and forsake our sins, Jesus covers them with His blood.

What are some sins you need to uncover?  

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