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Tingly Legs

All the people of that day died. The children who came after them did not know the Lord. They did not know about the things He had done for Israel.  Judges 2:10 NLV

(Photo courtesy of office.microsoft.com.)My three-year-old grandson hopped down from the table and walked gingerly to me. “Mimi,” he said, “my legs are tumbling.” It took me a minute to understand that he was trying to tell me his legs had fallen asleep.

“Oh, your legs are tingly because you were kneeling at the table,” I said.

“Oh yeah, right, they are tingly. Ouch, they hurt me.” He sat next to me, rubbing his toes.

I stretched his legs straight and gave them a rub. “The tingly feeling will go in a few minutes.” I kissed his knees and went back to the care of his sister. Soon, I heard his small voice,

“Jesus, please heal my legs. Jesus, You are my Lord. Jesus, make them stop being tingly. Amen.” He went on to talk to Jesus about his tingly legs until there was no more tingle. My grandson prayed because he was taught how. It brought joy to my heart to hear his faith spoken. It also allowed me to witness the fruit of a faith-filled family who seeks to pass their faith down to the next generation, as God has instructed in His Word.

The Israelites saw God move in tremendously powerful ways as He led them out of Egypt and through the wilderness. God had instructed them to pass the memories down. Unfortunately, that didn’t always happen and when the people of that day died, their children didn’t know the Lord or all He’d done for Israel. God was unknown to one generation because the older generation failed to share their stories of what He had done for them. Just imagine … no one was left who could share the stories of how God rescues, heals, and saves. No one spoke life into this generation, and because of it this generation sinned against God by worshipping other gods and turning away from the Lord.

How can we protect the future generations from forsaking the Lord and following after other gods? Repeat the love of God to the children. Teach them. Keep the stories of faith alive for the next generation to tell. 

(Photo courtesy of office.microsoft.com.)

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Kolleen Lucariello

Kolleen Lucariello is a wife, mom, Mimi, and the author of The ABC’s of Who God Says I Am. She spends her mornings seeking the wisdom of the Lord and her afternoons listening to the wisdom of her grandson. She has a heart to help others view themselves as God does and walk in His plans for their lives.


  1. I say a huge AMEN. Kids can't know their God without knowing His stories, His mighty acts. Psalm 78 states it so plainly. Keep passing them on.

  2. Kolleen I absolutely love your story and the insight to pass it on and I pray all can read and feel the like love of GOD that is shared in this special moment!