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Dieting for God

And when you fast, don’t make it obvious as the hypocrites do.  Matthew 6:16 NLT

dieting for GodI once fasted, but not from food.

I suddenly found myself saddled with two car payments. Knowing I couldn’t afford both, I had a decision to make. One of the vehicles would have to go. One was a new Chevrolet Tracker I had just purchased. The other was a used Chevrolet S-10 pickup. The solution came not in selling one but in drawing out my retirement so I could pay one of them off. I chose the Tracker and then gave it to my daughter, who was about to leave for college.

The decision to give up the Tracker was difficult. I planned to use it on my monthly hiking escapades in the mountains. Love, however, led me to give it up for a higher purpose.

Fasting requires letting go. Often, food is in question. It was when Jesus addressed the religious hypocrites who thought they did such an excellent job at it. Like most of what they did, they did this with ulterior motives. They wanted others to notice them.

Dieting from food for a time or certain foods has never been my forte, but God has shown me a few other things I need to take a break from. Sin is one. Instead of seeing how close I can come to sin without sinning, I need to stay as far away from it as possible. God has given us a new nature, and we must avoid the “old person” with a passion. Christian baptism symbolizes our intention to die to the old way of living, walking instead in obedience to Christ’s commands.

When we choose to diet for God, it should also be because we want to draw closer to Him. Good and not-so-good attractions that attempt to distract us from God pepper this world. Giving up whatever prevents us from clinging close to His side is always a good diet.

Dieting for God is an individual choice. God won’t force us to diet for Him. We must voluntarily let go of those things that keep us from a closer walk with him.

What can you let go of that will move you closer to God?

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Martin Wiles

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