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Broken Eggs

They did not break his legs . . . These things happened so that the scripture would be fulfilled: “Not one of his bones will be broken.”  John 19:33, 36 NIV

broken eggsHe sat on the porch in tears holding an Easter egg. “It’s broke.”

My youngest son was four and didn’t understand that plastic eggs break open—usually to offer a surprise. He held up two pieces of a red egg, his tears dripping.

“Some things are meant to be broken. Look what fell out of your broken egg.” I handed him a candy kiss. “See.”

He smiled as he took the candy.

At age ten, that same boy dropped a plastic egg on my lap. “Mom, remember when I cried because my Easter egg was broken?”

I nodded yes.

“My Sunday school teacher told us Jesus was not meant to have any broken bones when He died.”

“That’s what Scripture tells us. Not one of His bones will be broken. The book of John proves that.” I smiled he’d even remembered the broken egg.

“I guess Jesus was a good egg.” He giggled.

When John penned his epistle, we see him at the foot of the cross, standing by Jesus until the bitter end. He probably didn’t realize he’d be the last living disciple—the final witness. He’d walked, studied, and preached with Jesus during Jesus’ entire three-year ministry. John knew and served the Messiah. He saw before his eyes the Scripture fulfilled in and through Jesus. John could verify everything Scripture said that Christ is “truth.” Even that not one of His bones was broken so that Scripture would be fulfilled. John saw it all.

At the death of Christ, so many things were in play that we sometimes miss the extended significance. Jesus died for our sins. Salvation came through Him. We may not have walked physically with Jesus as John did, but we are still His living witnesses to His sacrifice and truth.

As we celebrate this Easter season, remember it’s not just a one-day celebration. It’s a life-long celebration. Lift your hands, sing hallelujah, and praise His name, for the Truth who came to earth as a man was sacrificed on our behalf and raised in victory over death. Not a bone was broken. Be a witness to this truth. You can, as in the words of a child, proclaim that “Jesus was a good egg.”

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