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For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now.  Romans 8:22 ESV

groaningsThe vibrations quivered to the spires of Staffordshire’s gothic cathedral as the four-part children’s choir from Baltimore resounded the hymn “Amazing Grace.” Ms. Fallon was precise yet fun in directing and sustaining the children’s voices at this site for the UK summer competition.

I watched from the oak pew with its finely embroidered prayer pillows, savoring the heavenly tunes that floated to the marble buttresses. The pews complemented the story of Martin Luther etched in the pulpit and the stained-glass motifs depicting the cross Jesus carried.

As I gazed up at the glass, I saw the translucent sun’s rays ignite red hues and saw dripping blood surrounding our Savior’s crown of thorns and pierced limbs.

As Jesus carried the cross, His back must have ached along the narrow Via Dolorosa. He suffered as the Lamb of God who died in sacrificial love for our trespasses. Yet on a rainy day, I'm distracted by my backache. I apply a soothing salve, but the following day, it throbs agai—so minute compared to His stripes.

Jesus’ heart and soul must have ached when His apostle family betrayed Him. Bodily death and separation from His father were soon to be realities.

I inwardly groan when my family annoys me with the same irritating habits or when they act ungrateful when I shoulder the responsibility of caring for them. So minuscule compared to what Jesus bore.

Jesus groaned while He was here, and we continue to groan with the help of the Holy Spirit. And we wait because we sense in our deeper recesses something better, wiser, perfect, and just. We wait for the brilliant expectation of the perfect body to materialize once we appear by His side. 

Groan to the Lord in utterances and song. As you do, the Spirit will intercede for you with wordless groans. God’s power will keep you steadfast as He perfects what is prepared for you. 

(Photo courtesy of pixabay and sabinevanerp.)

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Jasmine Gatti

Jasmine Gatti is a hospice clinician and an author of poetry, articles, and devotionals. She speaks on caregiving to parents, children, dogs, and patients. She lives in Maryland with her husband, terrier, and grown children. You can connect with her at Writeinstantly.org.