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Holding On

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.  1 Peter 5:7 KJV

holding onThough her family dearly loved Grandmother Smith, they realized she simply would not tolerate any inquiries about her age. In short, it was a forbidden subject at all family gatherings. However, one time, a gathering included some family members who were infrequent attendees and unaware of the taboo subject.

“This is Grandmother. She’s your great-grandmother,” one mother said, introducing four-year-old Kathy. The last time we saw her, you were just a baby.” Kathy’s eyes grew wide as she absorbed the information.

“She’s shy sometimes, but she’s usually very curious,” the mother said to Grandmother.

Kathy continued to regard Grandmother, but finally, curiosity won out, and she asked, “How old are you?"

Recognizing childish curiosity but maintaining her dignity, Grandmother replied, "I'm 39 and holding."

Before Kathy’s mother could intercede, Kathy spoke again. "How old would you be if you let go?"

While this was a question for Grandmother to consider, it's also something I can ask myself—particularly when I need to let go of the worries and anxieties on my spiritual journey so I can cope with adversity. 

This is an ongoing problem—one that is futile for me to worry over. I could easily trust God to handle everything and then rely on Him to provide me with reassurance that would give me confidence. After all, He knows what I’m dealing with and has perfectly planned solutions for me.

Ultimately, we all need to let go of our worries and anxieties and let God sweep in with the encouragement and faith that enables us to deal with the problem. Then we can resume our spiritual journey with a new purpose.

Think of some things you are holding on to that you need to let go of.  

(Photo courtesy of pixabay and geralt.)

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Anne Adams

Anne Adams is a retired church staffer living in Athens, Texas, where she writes a historical column for the local newspaper. Her book Brittany, Child of Joy, tells about her mentally disabled daughter and was published in 1986 by Broadman. She has taught junior college history and has published in Christian and secular publications for forty years.