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Sealed with Love

Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm, for love is strong as death, jealousy is fierce as the grave.  Solomon 8:6a ESV

Photo used by permission of author.“Seriously? You really got a tattoo?”

That was my reaction upon coming home from a business trip. I couldn’t believe my husband would actually get a tattoo while I was away.

“Well," I said, "let me see it."

Delicately, he raised his shirt sleeve to reveal the markings burned on his arm. The names of his children were tattooed in a circle. K-A-T-I-E formed the upper half of the circle while T-Y-L-E-R rounded out the bottom.

Still wondering what he was thinking, I asked, “What made you decide to have Katie and Tyler tattooed on your arm?”

Tears filled his eyes and he spoke softly, “This way, no one can ever take them away from me. They will be a part of me forever.”

A wave of sadness washed over me. I understood. My husband had not seen his children in over a year. Dealing with the courts, it seemed like two steps forward, three steps back—a continuous battle spanning over four years.

My husband's tattoo signified the deep love he had for his children. By sealing their names on his arm, he professed his love and claimed ownership of his children, whether he physically saw them or not. It was a forever sign he loved them to the core of his being. He yearned for the day he would see them again. He longed to tell them how he kept them by his side and close to his heart when he could not see them.

My husband’s tattoo and his deep love for his children remind me of God’s love for me. God loves me so much that He placed his seal of ownership on me and put His Spirit in my heart. When I think about God placing His seal upon me, I am humbled. Like my husband's children who have no idea of their father’s love for them, I fail at times to see how much God loves me. I am blinded by this world and forget that I am royalty. When I gave my life to Christ, I became a child of the King. He sealed me as His own.

Are you a child of the King too? If not, surrender to God’s love. Experience the wonderful privilege  of being sealed by the King. 

(Photo used by permission of author.)

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Sheryl M. Baker

Sheryl M. Baker enjoys bringing hope and encouragement through God's Word. Her devotions have appeared in Light from the Word, The Secret Place, Power for Today, and christiandevotions.us. She is a contributing author to Yvonne Lehman’s books, Spoken Moments, More Christmas Moments, and Loving Moments. Sheryl lives in northwest Indiana with her husband Ben and spoiled cat Rex. Connect with Sheryl at sherylmbaker.wordpress.com or spunbythepotter.com.


  1. Sheryl, Thank you for sharing. I believe many people get tattoos in an attempt to deal with pain. I feel led to pray for Katie and Tyler. I commit to take them to the Father for the next thirty days and beyond as the Lord leads. Sondra

    1. Sondra....I just found your comment as I was looking back over my past posts. Thank you so much for your prayers for Katie and Tyler. Your commitment to pray for them over the next 30 days touches my heart and speaks volumes of God's great love for them. Thank you, again. Sheryl