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Serving When It's Uncomfortable

Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.  Psalm 127:3 NIV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.Here I was, right in the thick of it.

Day three of Vacation Bible School rolled around. This, I had argued with the children’s director who had asked me to volunteer, was not my spiritual gift. I felt called to teach women.

She countered with “You are a Bible teacher, and we need you. I can count on you to teach the truth.”

The day before, I had taught the children about the plagues of the Exodus. They really enjoyed hearing about the boils. By day three, they were overly excited and practically bouncing off the walls. I could barely contain them. I remarked to my co-teacher, “The first graders are here with their mob mentality. Be prepared.”

And much to my surprise, a deep connection happened. The first graders gave me their rapt attention. The Red Sea parted, and we tromped through the wilderness. Little Moses made bitter water sweet, and the breakfast cereal manna fascinated them. The paper quails kept their attention, and they recited in order everything they had learned the day before.

As I said goodbye, one of the little girls jumped into my arms for a hug. Her friends joined her and told me they would miss me. My heart was full (and convicted).

Children are a reward from God. We are a part of God’s family and should help bring children up so they know what it is to belong to the family. They just may surprise us and show us what the joy of our heritage is.

Don’t get stuck in a comfortable rut of serving God. God may have a surprise for you if you follow His leading.

Even when it is uncomfortable, enjoy God’s rewards.  

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Carol McCracken

Carol Ogle McCracken has been a Bible teacher for twenty years. She has served on church staff in leadership development roles and in women’s ministry for thirty years. She presently owns a wedding planning company on the Gulf Coast. Her passion is to make the Bible come alive for women and to connect it to a real relationship with Jesus Christ in today’s busy and demanding world.