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Another Blunder

If you, Lord, kept a record of sins, Lord, who could stand?  Psalm 130:3 NIV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.The supervisor kept a record.

Early in my career, my supervisor required all trainees to follow a strict set of standards. During the review of our work, he jagged his finger at our errors and highlighted them with his red marking pen. Even with nothing said, I still heard a snarl amid the strokes of his red pen.

It seemed he documented our mistakes in a special log book for posterity. The blunder log—as we employees called it—added to the pressure we already carried. The prevention of any slip-ups was more important to our supervisor than our personal growth and success. We focused on staying clear of mistakes at the expense of our personal development.   

Unlike the supervisor, God does not tally our mistakes in a special log book or ensnare us with guilt and shame. Instead, He gives us a special measure of encouragement, offers us a new beginning, and promises to remember our sins no more. He also takes a personal interest in the vocation He calls us to fulfill.   

God is our example for caring with forgiveness and compassion—an example we ought not to ignore. He wants us to display a similar level of consideration that He has demonstrated to us. One where we boost each other and serve as a source of encouragement. To continue the good work God portions out, we all need reassurance … and for someone to pick us up after we fall.

We can thank God for not keeping a special log book of our mistakes—and also for the safe place in Him that permits us to learn from our mishaps without fear. His ongoing support gives us self-confidence to push on, especially when we find it difficult to do so on our own.

Bless those around you by not keeping a log of their blunders.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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