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Automatic Assistance

If one member suffers, all suffer together; and if one member is honored all rejoice together.  1 Corinthians 12:26 ESV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.While attempting to move a large box, I knocked a stack of boards down.

When they hit my unprotected foot, my whole body reacted to the pain. At that moment, my body had one unified thought: HELP! My brain forgot about what I’d been doing; my hands immediately reached for some alternative support; my right leg automatically lifted the bruised, throbbing foot from the floor to relieve the pressure; and my left leg instinctively absorbed the extra weight. Even my vision went black for a few moments as my body responded to the injury.

I hobbled to the freezer and assembled a makeshift ice pack with some ice cubes and a plastic bag. Then I shuffled to a nearby recliner to prop my foot up for a while. Not one member of my physical body complained about the schedule adjustment. Every part of me focused on tending to the injured member.

The experience made me think about the body of Christ and its reaction to the injury of one of its members. Do I respond to another person with as much effort and concentration as I responded to my injured foot? Are we quick to adjust our schedules and offer assistance when someone is blindsided by tragedy or suffers the consequences of ignorance or foolishness?

Paul reminded the Corinthians that even though the body of Christ has many members, it should function as one unit—each member equally valuable and vital to the whole. Therefore, when one person suffers, we should seek to alleviate that suffering so that the whole body will soon be able to function again at full capacity.

My physical body took a while to recover from my carelessness. My left leg and foot compensated for the weakness and pain that my right foot experienced. Eventually, the workload was evenly distributed again, but for a few weeks my right foot needed extra care and consideration.

When our brothers and sisters in Christ undergo a season of weakness and pain, God calls us to bear their workload with compassion and without complaint. Our reaction to their suffering should be as instinctive as my reaction to my injured foot.

Think of someone who is suffering. Then assist them.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Denise Loock

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