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Search Me

You have searched me, Lord, and you know me.  Psalm 139:1 NIV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.My daughter appeared and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

As a toddler, my daughter walked around the house wearing sunglasses and a hat. She thought if she covered her face and head, I could not see her. When she did not come after I called, I usually found her wearing her sunglasses and hat and playing with her dolls.

“Sweet Pea, why didn’t you answer me?” I asked.

“You no see me. I no see you,” was her reply.

Or if she did something wrong, on went the sunglasses and hat, thinking I could not see her holding the empty cup as milk spilled from the counter. When she needed some cuddles and love though, off went the magical accessories and into my lap she snuggled.

Just as I searched for my daughter and knew what she was up to, God searches for us and knows our heart. It’s a scary thought to have someone, let alone God, search us and know all of our ugly, so we hide out of shame and guilt.

People yearn for others to see them—to give witness to their story, joy, and pain. Yet the fear of intimacy and the fear of people knowing the real us keeps us from making connections … keeps us from taking off the sunglasses and hat so people can see the real us. So we go about our days with our walls up and masks on trying to be invisible.

The God of the universe knows us because we are made in His image. He knows our innermost thoughts, and He still offers grace. God designed us to be in authentic community with Him and others. He created us to be seen, but sin and lies tell us the opposite. They tell us if God searched us, He would not like what He saw. Or if He knew the real us, the one behind the glasses and hat, He would run the other way, taking His gifts of grace and forgiveness with Him. God knows our flaws and imperfections and still wants to be with us for eternity.

Let God search you so you can better know Him. Take off the sunglasses and hat so He can see the face of His child—flaws and all.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Jennifer Swets

Jennifer Swets is passionate about helping others experience spiritual and emotional healing. She has a heart for ministering to those who are often overlooked or underserved. Jennifer is married to her soul mate and is a homeschool mom of four. She loves Jesus, her family, and tacos.