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Too Busy for God

But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.  Luke 5:16

(Photo courtesy of microsoft office.)Even when performing admirable actions, my busyness can lead me away from God.

I counted recently. Five jobs—one full-time and the others part-time. My total doesn’t represent workaholism … though I do struggle with enjoying downtime. My full-time job doesn’t pay enough to cover our bills, I must add a few part-time endeavors to get us over the hump. Thankfully, God has opened a number of doors, some of which I’ve had to close. I can only do so much in 24 hours, and I can only endure so much physically and emotionally.

Crowds pandered after Jesus. Occasions for Him to do good abounded. People needed healing, dead needed raising, sinners needed befriending, the hungry needed feeding, and religious leaders needed correcting. But there were times when He simply needed to get away to a solitary place so He could hear His Father.

I’m surrounded by worthwhile prospects on a daily basis just as Jesus was, but I’ve discovered I can perform good works and still miss God’s will. Just because honorable opportunities abound doesn’t mean God expects me to put my hands in each one. Pursuing a good agenda doesn’t necessarily mean I’m satisfying God’s agenda.

Finding out which of the opportunities God wants me to tackle is the key. Through intense prayer, I can discover the avenues He wants me to pursue. Then, rather than just blindly and busily trying to do everything, I can focus my energy on the right thing. I can’t affect every good thing accessible, but I can seize those that fulfill God’s vision and further fulfill the Great Commission.

Going full speed in all directions only leads to frustration, bad attitudes, burnout, and ultimate failure in those areas where I want so desperately to succeed. Being open to change and sensitive to God’s guidance will set my course in the direction He desires.

Are you so busy doing good that you can’t hear God’s instructions? Follow Jesus’ example: get away with the Father.

Prayer: Dear Father, amidst the many opportunities to do good, give us clear insight into which ones are Your will for our lives.

(Photo courtesy of microsoft office.)

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Martin Wiles

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