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Immeasurable Love

In this the love of God was made manifest among us, that God sent his only Son into the world, so that we might live through him.  1 John 4:9

Photo courtesy of microsoft office.The love of God is simply immeasurable. His love has no boundaries, and His love has no faults. On our worst day in this life, God’s love does not stop or relinquish. He loves us in our sin, and He loves us under the blood of Jesus. His love for you today cannot be defined; it can only be received by you.

When you feel alone in this life, reach out to the One who loves you unconditionally. When you feel what it is like to be loved without conditions, it truly sets you free from all the hurt and boundaries of earthly love. We tend to chase and conform to receive love from another person, but in God we never have to compromise to be loved by Him. In Christ, He showed us immeasurable love and all we have to do is simply receive Jesus to taste that love.

He loves you more today than any one single person on earth. His love will not hurt you, and it will not take anything away from you. He wants to add many great things to you. I implore you to receive His love today so my words can come to life in God’s love. You matter and everything you are going through will have a purpose. Every hurt you feel today will be released, and you will arrive at your destination. Rest in His great love because the price has already been paid for you in Jesus Christ. He does not have limitations on His love, and that is truly an amazing element of God that is oftentimes overlooked. Position yourself to taste that great love today. I promise it will bring an unspeakable peace. 

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Josh Clevenger

Josh Clevenger is the pastor of Cory Zion Church in Cory, Indiana. He is a husband, father, pastor, author, and evangelist. Josh has numerous books in publication, along with an active outreach ministry. He wants people to feel connected to God’s grace and experience the comfort of His mercies. Follow Josh Clevenger Ministries to get daily encouragement from the Lord.   


  1. This article by Josh Clevenger was truly inspiring. Thank you, Josh, for your encouraging words.