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You Did Not Choose Me

You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in My name He may give you.  John 15:16 NKJV

Photo courtesy of microsoft office.Men usually feel they have chosen the woman. Actually, the smile girls have on their face when they hear a boy say such things is a smile that comes from knowing they have accomplished their task of mate selection. Girls know men are hunters and women are shoppers.

Women choose their mates on the basis of whether the male appears to have the traits necessary to father, protect, and provide. A man hunts for the most appealing and satisfying trophy. A female grizzly bear is a good example of mate selection. When her body is preparing for babies, she is very gentle and compliant. She invites the male (who is busy tearing up trees to impress her) to approach and provide her with what she needs. Later, after the babies come, she will fight him to the death if he gets too close.

God’s children often are preoccupied with accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior and miss out on the core of an abiding relationship. The center of Christianity is not what we are, but what He does. We did not choose Him, He chose us.

My wife chose me out of many possibilities—much to my surprise. For a while, she was a model for the fur industry in Alaska, so obviously she looks good. But she is more beautiful inside than she is beautiful outside. She is aging well because she loves Jesus, and it shows.

Jesus chose me, a sinner who was a child of disobedience. He is more beautiful than a sunrise. Any beauty I have is only a reflection of Him. I love Him so. Knowing the Creator personally, I feel nature is my friend—a friend I cherish and attempt to live with in harmony. My heart feels blessed by all of my brothers and sisters no matter the color of their skin. We all have the same original parents. And it brings joy if they know Jesus because they are also my spiritual family, and what do we have without family?

Because of these thoughts and feelings, I’m grateful today to be more than just a man and more than an animal. And I quietly pray, Thank You for choosing me, Lord. Amen and Amen.

(Photo courtesy of microsoft office.)

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Robert L. Segress

The Rev. Dr. Bob Segress served as a licensed psychological clinician for twenty-five years. Upon retiring, he served for fifteen years as a prison minister. Retiring again, he began writing full-time after a period of boredom. He has written: The Biblical Approach To Psychology while serving as a college educator, The Shelton Series, and, in 2012, Ten Years Inside Shelton Prison. Currently, he writes for several publications such as Halo Magazine.