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The Bride of Christ

Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor.  Ecclesiastes 4:9 NASB

Photo  courtesy of morguefile and badlong. A beautiful day, a radiant bride, a happy son, a perfect location. Thus begins the story of happily ever after. Yet, forevermore doesn't just happen. It comes through hard work, patience, maturity, and a deep desire to know the other person intimately. It is essentially a choice. A choice we are ecstatic to make in the beginning because we are crazy in love.

As time passes, we become acquainted with our partner's faults. They have now invaded our perfect world. The trick is to prevent resentment from building and allow love to abound instead by remaining aware of our own imperfections and seeing our partner's differences as an asset. We can develop our relationship by respecting their distinct insight. They offer a perspective we cannot. By studying the differences, we can become more effective.

When I reflect on this passage in Ecclesiastes, I think of the partnership marriage has to offer but also of our connection to God. Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor. He provides the sure foundation we need to make marriage work on His terms instead of our feelings. Too many marriages end in divorce. It makes me wonder if we walk away too soon or give up too quickly. What if Christ walked away from us every time we sinned?

There's always a bigger picture to consider. One that reaches far beyond our personal desires. When we remain focused on it, we can make a greater impact for the Kingdom of God.

We are the Bride of Christ. A connection that thrives on time and care. By reading Scripture, we learn His voice. Through prayer, we share our heart. It develops the faith, trust, and love we need to stay the course. The pursuit of intimacy keeps a relationship fresh and strong. And there are many mysteries to learn and enjoy.

Use the blessings of difference to influence the greater good. We are more effective working in tandem.

(Photo courtesy of morguefile and badlong.)

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Jewell Utt

Jewell Utt is a writer and speaker. She has served in church leadership for over twenty years, with a focus on women's ministry and community outreach. The common thread of teamwork shows through in her music, teaching, and administrative roles. Jewell is the director of a community food pantry, teaches Bible study, and organizes events. She has been married for thirty-four years and has three grown sons. Visit her website at: www.jewellutt.com


  1. Great one, Jewell! Amen, and amen!!!